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My name is Travelted.  My friends call me Trav.  I live with 2 pet humans.  I'm not sure what their purpose is in life, but one of them seems to spend a ridiculous amount of time playing computer games and the other one always seems to be "doing lunch."  I am their constant companion whenever they travel.  Recently however I've been thinking of resigning and branching out on my own, because they don't treat me very well.  I have been stuffed inside walking boots, underpants and filthy rucksack pockets.  I have also been subjected to many strip searches at various airports.  I think my pet humans must have a suspicious look about them.

I am a very fashion conscious bear and thanks to my grandma and auntie I have an extensive wardrobe.  Mrs Pet Human keeps complaining that I have more clothes than she does, and Mr Pet Human sighs whenever I'm given new outfits and accessories.  He says we'll have to move soon to fit it all in the house.

I love to have my photograph taken because I am extremely vain.  (Well you know what they say,  "If you've got it, flaunt it!")  My hobbies include modelling, writing my memoirs, playing and listening to music and of course......travelling.