Mount Doom

Friday, February 20, 2009 at 04:36AM
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Fortified by quince jelly, I took a trek up Mount Ruapehu which is a big old volcano and found myself looking out over the lavafields far below. If it wasn't so cloudy, you would be able to see the volcano next door which featured in a certain recent trilogy.

Staying with Auntie Julie in Raumati

Sunday, February 15, 2009 at 08:28AM
Posted by Registered CommenterTrav

I am currently staying with Auntie Julie, Uncle Jason and my naughty cousins in Raumati.  I am feeling a little stressed because so far, I have been stripped naked on several occasions and had my possessions removed from my backpack and scattered all over the house.  I have been forced to do a very scary bungy jump from a high balcony, and I have been cruelly thrown into a skanky paddling pool fully clothed.  This is a picture of me drying out on the balcony after my horrible cousin Imma abused me most horrendously.

Yesterday we went to Wellington to the Te Papa museum and saw many weird things including a colossal squid.  We were shaken by a fake earthquake and saw the magnificent "Sheep cam" exhibit.  I thought of my friends Roger and Tarzan when I saw this.  After our cultural exploits at the museum we went to the botanic gardens where cousin Imma did muchly puking and events were brought to a sudden halt. However there are many other reasons why we left early....but I cannot be bothered to recount them here.  Apparently, in the botanic gardens at Wellington, they do not serve white coffee.  They will, however, serve you a black coffee with a jug of milk.....which is most considerate of them!  Then we picked up the ill-fated hire car!

We awoke this morning to find our hire car had a flat tyre, and the spare was only a temporary number.  Mrs Pet Human had to drive all the way back to Wellington at 80km/h which annoyed the locals.  Auntie Julie made matters worse by insisting that we use her sat nav.....when the sat nav said "In 400 m turn left," Auntie Julie said,  "That's wrong, ignore her" and gave us all a long description of the many possible routes.  Mrs Pet Human was very stressed.

Anyway - we eventually got a new car and ditched Auntie Julie's sat nav (and Auntie Julie), and cousin Imma guided us to our next destination with something very strange indeed.  I believe it is called ........ a map!  Then we went to Karori Wildlife Sanctuary and Mr PH took pictures of ugly green things while we all ate ice cream.  Then we came home and went in the hot tub and had a chinese take away.  Now it is auntie Julie's turn to do muchly puking.  This family has no stamina.  I am now very worried that somebody will  slash my tyres tonight and I will have to go through it all again.


Interviewed for German TV

Friday, February 13, 2009 at 01:02AM
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We took the train from Auckland to Pawpawwomble in the rain. A filmcrew were on-board making a documentary for German TV, so I've extended my international stardom a few more degrees. Apparently there was a lot of interesting railway engineering en-route, but this is apparently the kind of thing that humans find interesting. I was more interested in the on-board bar and pie facilities.  The on-board tour guide alerted us to highlights such as a statue of a man shearing a sheep, and a man called Kevin, who has been waving to the train every day for the last 30 years.  After 12 hours we had lost the will to live, and so waving back at him seemed rather exciting.  When we arrived, my Auntie Julie collected us in the pouring rain and we went back to her house to drink red wine and relate the earth shattering high points of our long journey.

We awoke the next day very refreshed and went for a walk along Raumati beach.  Julie left us to attend to my screaming cousin, Alex, and oddly enough the Pet Humans ended up in a bar.  Unfortunately, on the way back they managed to get completely lost (on a straight piece of beach) and we had to call Julie to come and rescue us.  It was all a bit pathetic really.  I think I'm going to sack them.

Ready for a nice dip

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 07:34PM
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The Pet Humans ordered a luvly pizza but I had to finish it for them after they fell asleep in it. Mrs Pet Human scared the delivery man by appearing at the door of the room in her polar bear pjyamas. After that I had a splendid jacuzzi bubble bath. We all woke up at 3.00am and went for breakfast at 5.30. It's now 9.00am and we're seriously considering another one ... we are in New Zealand after all, the adopted home of 'second breakfast'.


Mammoth journey

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 07:00AM
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Well I am a very tired and disorientated little bear right now and everything is a blur.  My journey to New Zealand went exactly to plan in spite of the British weather - not even a 5 minute delay at any stage of the journey.  I have gone from slipping on the ice at my home bus stop, to feeling the sun scorch my fur in the desert heat of the middle East, to a rather sticky Auckland airport - which is where I am currently chilling out while the pet humans try to order pizza over the phone with no credit on their New Zealand mobile.

The journey to Dubai was surprisingly short (6 hours) and straight forward.  We arrived at 6:30 local time and took a very scary taxi to our hotel.  Mrs Pet Human was praying to Allah most vociferously, while Mr Pet Human pretended to be really butch and kept saying things like "This is nothing, you ought to see how they drive in India!"

Our hotel room overlooked the old fort and the museum, and that was our first port of call.  We also wandered around Old Dubai looking at all the beautiful old buildings, and at the bustling river with its hundreds of boats and noise and colour.  Needless to say, the Pet Humans took loads of pictures, but I am extremely disappointed to report that they didn't take very many of me.  Maybe it's because everything was so new and different, a real culture shock.  (eg every now and again we were summoned to prayer over loud speakers outside the mosques - there seemed to be a lot of singing going on.)

We did a surprising amount of sight-seeing, considering it was a post flight tourist session.  Things got a bit confused when we all went to bed at 7pm out of sheer exhaustion, and then Mrs Pet Human woke up demanding chocolate at midnight, and crashed around the room in the dark trying not to wake us up!  (Apparently.)

Then the mammoth section of the journey started.  The flight from Dubai to Auckland was 18.5 hours with 90 minutes in Sydney airport.  About an hour before landing in Sydney we all just lost the will to live and felt our life force draining away from us.  The ultimate test of strength came at customs.  We knew what a drag it would be, but it still hit hard.  The disinfectant man commented on how sparkly and clean our walking boots were, and Mrs Pet Human did her Mrs Robinson routine on him......she is just SO embarrassing!


Anyway - I'd better sign off now and see if this pizza's going to turn up.  We're staying in central Auckland tomorrow, and hopefully going to the Maritime museum and doing a few more sights before heading off to see Auntie Julie.  Mr PH thinks I'm writing a novel......well I've paid for my internet access, and I intend to use it!