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My new pets

Saturday, August 1, 2009 at 12:20PM
Posted by Registered CommenterTrav in

I have decided to breed slugs. They are very tasty and prolific in the damp and smelly environment of the tent. Alas Mr Pet Human does not approve and therm my prime breeding specimen out into the dark, cold night. Many of my other specimens have drowned in Mr Pet Humans beer and he has unwittingly consumed a few. Still, I shall persist. Not sure what Mrs Pet Human will think when she stays after traditional, well anesthetised bopping session at the end of the festival tomorrow.

The damp is taking its toll. Mrs Pet Human has a horrible eye infection which means that she is scaring small children. We are concerned that it might develop into a sty, thereby occasioning lots of un-called-for Swine Flu jokes.

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